About us

Although MAXIMO DESARROLLO LIMITED, was registered in the United Kingdom in 2019, specifically on March 5,
the MAXIMO DESARROLLO group, was formed by several companies, with ramifications and contact in countries of the Caribbean, Latin America, USA, Canada, Europe, Africa , Continental Asia and South Pacific Countries.

The CEO of MAXIMO DESAROLLO LIMITED, Joaquin J. Echevarría, has based his experience in the business world,
having had his business beginnings with just 16 years, at the head of his family’s developer, builder and real estate agent, going through other businesses as agricultural and livestock productions, mining productions and of
course, financial and fiduciary services.

Based on that knowledge, he decided in 2019 to launch a new project, MAXIMO DESARROLLO LIMITED, where he
offers his knowledge and versatility to clients interested in the creation of companies in the United Kingdom, although MAXIMO DESARROLLO LIMITED can offer other services and products to the In this regard, such as investments in commodities, purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies and much more, if you are interested, contact us  or if you have a desire for a different service, REGISTER as a user of MAXIMO DESARROLLO LIMITED and discover for yourself what we can offer to you.

From now on, browsing this website will be simple, you just have to choose what you want to do and we will put in your hand the best options for each of the options we propose.

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